ExtLibX Example Database

Welcome to the Demonstration database for the Extension Library eXperimental project

This database gives you an opportunity to see how the Controls and Techniques work. Each Control or Technique is given a dedicated page which you can visit to see in in operation and maybe even adjust some properties to see how it differs. You should also be able to see the exact xpages markup necessary to use the control. (all thanks to the pretty print control!)


This project provides some extra controls that you might find useful! Maybe they will even find their way into the main Extension Library project.

XPages Runtime Extensions

XPages is a very extensible framework, this project provides a few ways to change the behaviour of the xpages runtime to make life easier for you (and your users!)


The XPages framework provides a very powerful theming system. It has not been used to it's full potential

This project hopes to provide some extra options to make your applications stand out!